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Australian Voice
2023, Volume 24
Decolonising Voice Research: The Inclusion of Indian Classical Music

AUTHOR: Samyukta Ranganathan


ABSTRACT: This article presents a narrative literature review on the decolonisation of voice research through the inclusion of Indian Classical Music (ICM). It utilises the Indigenous paradigm to incorporate the experiences of ICM practitioners, recognising their valuable perspectives and knowledge. The review delves into key aspects of ICM: range, vocal registration, and vocal ornamentation and agility. It explores the specific requirements and techniques employed in these areas, shedding light on the unique stylistic elements of ICM. Furthermore, the article examines the common vocal issues faced by ICM singers, considering the impact of these challenges on style and performance. By addressing these issues, the article aims to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of ICM as a distinct vocal tradition. The review emphasises the significance of incorporating ICM research not only for the benefit of the ICM community, but also for the broader voice research community. By integrating ICM into the realm of voice research, scholars may gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of vocal practices and expand their knowledge base. This inclusivity fosters a more equitable and comprehensive voice research landscape. This article advocates for the decolonisation of voice research through the inclusion of Indian Classical Music. By embracing the Indigenous paradigm and examining the unique aspects of ICM, researchers can contribute to a more inclusive, diverse, and enriched understanding of vocal traditions and practices.


KEYWORDS: Indigenous research paradigm, diversity in voice research, vocal acoustics, vocal agility, vocal range


To cite this article:

Ranganath, S. (2023). Decolonising voice research: The inclusion of Indian classical music. Australian Voice, 24, 1-9.

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