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Australian Voice
2022, Volume 23
Understanding the Vocal Skill Set for Contemporary Christian Singers: Insights from Elite Singers

AUTHORS: Leon Neto and David Meyer


ABSTRACT: The American Academy of Teachers of Singing (AATS), advocates that CCM singers should be taught with dedicated pedagogical approaches for each style. Recent studies, however, suggest that most contemporary Christian singers (CCS) do not receive style-appropriate vocal training. It is possible that voice teachers are not fully aware of the skill set necessary for a CCS to be successful. In this context, elite CCSs, as models of excellence, may be able to help the voice community bridge this gap and identify the ideal skill set and the best pedagogical approach for the commercial success of CCSs. For this study, we interviewed three top selling, elite CCSs with extensive experience and recognised as highly representative of their style, aiming to understand the ideal vocal skill set of commercially successful CCSs. According to the participants, ideal CCS voices should use a pop sound and not sound too classical, should sing easily, comfortably, and with freedom. The singing should be not distracting and use good diction in order to be able to communicate the message clearly. Among the most relevant findings is the suggestion that CCSs have a heavy and demanding vocal load and are at risk for vocal injury. This finding is consistent to previous studies that suggest similar issues. We hope that our findings will help the development of more appropriate private studio strategies for CCSs. Future research for this population of singers may include analysis of worship applied voice curricula.

To cite this article:

Neto, L., & Meyer, D. (2022). Understanding the Vocal Skill Set for Contemporary Christian Singers: Insights from Elite Singers, Leon Neto and David Meyer. Australian Voice, 23, 21-28.

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