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Australian Voice
2023, Volume 24
Now, Let’s Find Your Voice: Interviewing Three Singing Pedagogues About Preparing Singers for Performance Using a Framework of Seven Underlying Processes

AUTHOR: Leah Cotterell


ABSTRACT: This article is drawn from a doctoral research study that sought to address a gap in the literature regarding singers’ experiences of performance. The research design focused on collecting and analysing singers’ experiences, beliefs, and understandings of performance. A framework was developed to categorise the processes that underlie performances, and this was used to guide research participants’ reflections and insights. Analysis of the study data supported a view that common experiences shared by singing performers may transcend matters of style or context, and an understanding of this common ground may offer valuable information about performers’ access to optimal performance states. The conclusions pointed to the need for further investigation of the complexities of singers’ experiences of performance, with particular attention to the importance of supporting performers’ well-being. This article discusses one of the three methods used in the study: three interviews with experienced singing teachers who are specialists in classical, jazz and music theatre styles.


KEYWORDS: singing performance, underlying processes of performance, self-reflection, insight, well-being, vocal pedagogy.


To cite this article:

Cotterell, L. (2023). Now, let’s find your voice: Interviewing three singing pedagogues about preparing singers for performance using a framework of seven underlying processes. Australian Voice, 24, 57-70.

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