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About Australian Voice

Australian Voice is a peer reviewed international journal that focuses on topics pertaining to the singing voice and vocal pedagogy.

Australian Voice provides a high quality and independent resource and forum for singers, researchers and voice teachers.

Australian Voice publishes articles on all singing voice related disciplines including classical and contemporary voice pedagogy, voice science, repertoire and stylistic discussions, language and diction, breathing techniques, expressivity and emotion in song, voice related technologies, choral singing and issues relevant to the business of studio teaching.

Australian Voice invites authors from all contexts of singing - performers, teachers, community artists, HDR students and researchers - from Australia and across the world to submit scholarly articles on any singing performance or pedagogy related subjects, including but not limited to: 

  • Classical and contemporary voice pedagogy

  • Voice science

  • Repertoire and style discussions

  • Language and diction

  • Singing technique

  • Expressivity and emotion in song

  • Voice relevant technologies

  • Choral singing

  • Issues relevant to the business of studio teaching

  • Singing and teaching singing in the time of COVID-19

  • Community arts

  • Singing for health and wellbeing

  • Singing and psychology

Each submission undergoes double-blind review. Please use the below links for more details. Australian Voice is edited with the support of an International Editorial Board comprising of leading voice researchers and pedagogues.

Australian Voice is now available through the online research databases Informit and EBSCO.

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